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Autographed Book: A Piece Of Me with HIV


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Would you like to know more about ME? Here’s your chance! I published my autobiography on July 8th, 2018. The timing is special to me, to release “A Piece Of Me with HIV”. Over the years, I have privately written about my personal life experiences. These experiences are sacred to me and sharing them in a social media post wasn’t a good fit for me.

In “A Piece of Me with HIV” I get straight to the point. I don’t ramble on-and-on or repeat things over-and-over. It’s a quick read, of 40 pages to celebrate my age of 40 years old. The release month is also monumental to me because of my mother’s birthday which is July 3rd. I translated these signs as well as others to motivate me to share more about myself.

A Piece of Me with HIV has 8 Chapters:

Family & Fornication

Let’s Talk About Sex

Premature Diagnosis

Who Can It Be?

Language Is Art!

Take Care!

How HIV Impacted My Life: Career & Advocacy

My Road Traveled

There are engaging pictures (black/white and color) and charts. Please share your reviews of “A Piece Of Me with HIV” with me.

A Piece of Me with HIV is also Available on Amazon